Meet The Hosts

shelly williams.

Resident ginger and mother of a small child with big questions. Uninspired fiber artist. Former social worker and right-wing chud slayer (she might debate you…if she’s in the mood).

When she’s not waiting on her kid, you can usually find her stoned and shitposting, unless she’s in Twitter jail. Can surprise you with her clutch music trivia skills and knowledge of real jail. She/her.

jessica munger.

A very earnest otter. California hick who loves her wife, her cat, and her RV. Amateur bread baker, aspiring crone, and has-been ballroom dancer. Once for five years her only footwear was Birkenstocks.

Connoisseur of collective effervescence and lover of group process. Likes to feed people. Can surprise you with her practical magic and unironic love of jam bands. She/her.

milly harmon.

Plays in dirt and makes things grow. Crafty AF. Recovering luddite. Prefers to pee outdoors and loves spur of the moment nature adventuring Despiser of loose ends. Amateur plumber with handyman ambitions. Mom to a tiny human, and various geriatric animals. 

Can surprise you with her knowledge on breeding horses and wild mushroom foraging. She/they.

kaitlin sopoci-belknap.

Big honey badger energy. Loves animals — cats in particular — consensus, and making up words that should already exist. Unapologetic Swiftie. Former elected official of 12 years.

Denied organic food while in US Capitol police custody. Facilitator extraordinaire. Can surprise you with her knowledge of honeybees and terrifying details of the unregulated US beauty industry. She/her.


Collectively we are white, cis, femme, queer women living in the western United States. We are between the ages of 30-41, making us mostly elder millennials with some Gen-X cusp action going on too. We work together at Move to Amend (which has contributed greatly to our current agitated state).

Our roots are working class, but working at Move to Amend makes us professional class adjacent — at least culturally, not so much financially (most people don’t realize that Move to Amend is actually scrappy).

We talk a lot about the Constitution but we also don’t give a shit what the Founding Fathers would think, or want, or do. We can surprise you with our knowledge of how large corporations and the US judicial system collude to use our Constitutional rights against us to ruin the world for a buck, and how to artfully navigate the complex entanglements of friendship, love, and coworking.

(All views expressed are our own ever-evolving thoughts, not the position of Move to Amend or any other organization.)