All Data To The People with Kat Dodds

In this episode we’re joined by Kat Dodds who shares one of the latest performative pieces by neoliberal daddy Justin Trudeau. Couldn’t even finish the gig.

Check out The Corporation, and now The New Corporation — the unfortunately necessary sequel.

Why are Kat and her colleagues suing Twitter and the Canadian government? As we like to do, we talk about the need to democratize social media, and we think about the opportunity to build power in the Movement through these tools (and new ones). How can we make it so that every person who wants to change the world can do so, and not just be a “clicker” behind a screen?

And we know you’ve missed it — Shelly is back with the Twitter roundup to talk about the feminist author to TERF pipeline. And just FYI – we can’t believe we have to say it but no one is saying you’re not allowed to say “woman”.

Referenced in this episode:

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Kat on Twitter: @cooldotworld@hellocoolworld@corporationfilm@drawingwisdom 

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