Post-Lockdown Realities

Kaitlin’s dad made her watch a documentary and she’s all shook up. She tells us about some of the massive changes that happened in a short time when humans retreated last year. We bask in the awesomeness of how quickly Nature can begin to heal when humans back the fuck up for a minute. 

Glenn Greenwald is a bonehead and it’s annoying when intellectuals on twitter theoretically debate the terribly difficult choices parents have right now. What’s it like to send your kid to elementary school in a hellscape? Parents are in a terrible situation as a result of a failed government unable to manage this crisis. Truly kids, mama tried.

And this week we play “Am I The Asshole” with some clever Karen-besting. And not to spoil the punch line but HOAs are always the bad guys, don’t snitch on your neighbors. 

Referenced in this Episode: 

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Jessica’s tweet – what do you think about the yard salad idea tho?

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