Kill Whitey with George Friday

This episode we’re talking about our serious agitation at the billionaire scum bags flying penisrockets to space for a giggle while the rest of us are just trying to feed our kids. Let’s touch base about exactly how much a billion, ok? We also talk about the history of US interventions in Cuba and what to do if you find yourself on the same side of the protest as the proud boys. 

Might you be an asshole if you spoil a few hundred McChickens? 

And then you get to meet George Friday, one of our favorite human beings. So settle in and unclench your butthole, we’re talking about white supremacy. George offers wisdom about organizing and witchcraft, and about how not to go postal by having a vision. 

How does chronic oppression prevent us from accessing and making use of our power? How do we move away from the idea that there needs to be a hero in every story? How much is enough? It gets juicy. 

Referenced in this episode: 

Whitey on the Moon – Gil Scott Heron

Raging Grannies

Highlander Center & Miles Horton

Poor People’s Campaign event July 2021

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