agitated. S1. Ep4. The Smooshy-Wooshy Episode Where We Share Our Personal Radicalization Paths

We explore some of the political and personal events that radicalized us and share some of the moments and values that brought us to the point at which you are tuning-in :). As we reflect on the mindfuck that is class in the United States, we talk about our experiences — some shared and some very divergent — of being a Millennial under late stage capitalism. We also discuss bisexuality and how absolutely uncomfortable it makes people that we just won’t “choose a side”. 

What’s agitating us? The outright bullshit reasons some unions won’t support Medicare for All and are cockblocking its passage in New York. (THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.) One union for all workers? We think yes. We also discuss the police training American cops are getting from the Israeli Army and have a “fuck yeah” moment about the Keystone XL pipeline. – XO

Resources mentioned:

* – One big union

*Minnesota Water and Land Defenders need our help –

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