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about agitated.

agitated. is a podcast for those who care deeply and are mad as hell. Education and inspiration to get you agitated toward action for a world that centralizes love and justice.  Antics included.

Lots of us are feeling distrustful, and disillusioned — for good reason — and are looking for a down to Earth and informed analysis of what’s happening in our world that won’t leave us naive to the real deal, or feeling nihilistic and hopeless. Agitated is a show about systems, policy, history, and law and how they create and reflect culture. 

Hosted by Jessica Munger, Shelly Williams, Milly Harmon and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap — four femme friends and agitators who explore the intersections of culture, social movements, law, and politics all while caring deeply but not taking themselves too seriously. Educational. Inspirational. Actionable.